You are the story you tell.

Master the story the world knows you for. Unleash your voice, vision and value in 30 days with the Storytella Journey.

The curriculum is truly exciting. The value of the community renders the whole experience almost too good to be true. Warning: Emotions will transpire!

🇮🇹 Marco Vannini - Artist

Storytella has enabled me to transform a dysfunctional upbringing into a written quest for empowerment and self. It's like therapy and creativity had a baby.

🇦🇺 Caroline Chang - Founder

Storytella has helped me unpack my life stories and empowered me with practical toolsy to leverage my deepest value.

🇸🇦 Ibrahim A. Eldabawi - Founder

What to expect?

An epic journey of heroic proportions.

🌞 Prelude: Storytella Sequence

Own your day before your day owns you.

✍️ Day 00: Personal Story

Your rites of passage into raw expression.

🕳️ Day 01: Rock Bottom

Confronting your mountainous climb ahead.

👶🏻 Day 02: Back to Birth

Connecting to the origin of everything.

👪 Day 03: Parental Guidance

Your parents story is your story.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Day 04: Family Dynamic

The hidden order of apparent chaos.

✨ Day 05: Undeniable Magic

Your first taste of wonder.

✊ Day 06: Individual Rebellion

The denial of your own magnificence.

🗿 Day 07: Generational Struggle

The wisdom of your own antiquity.

🌏 Day 08: Cultural Identity

Challenge the culture to create the culture.

🎁 Day 09: Special Gift

Your masterpiece started early in the piece.

🎈 Day 10: Playful Child

The extraordinary character that you are.

🦍 Day 11: Survival Mode

Every crisis is a hidden blessing.

🍎 Day 12: Forbidden Fruit

Developing a stomach for desire.

🧭 Day 13: Altered Direction

Fading in one to shine in another.

🏫 Day 14: Puberty Blues

The originality of your personality.

🏆 Day 15: Cruel Competition

A zero sum game that you cannot win.

🧠 Day 16: Deep Learning

Your attraction to specific knowledge.

❤️ Day 17: Love Labour

Your love is in the sweat.

🤫 Day 18: Little Lies

Your fear of your truth.

🗝️ Day 19: Old Soul

A leader of the adults.

🌊 Day 20: Ideological Onslaught

Surfing the chaos of the status quo.

⏰ Day 21: Amateur Hour

Your fantasy of overnight success.

🌀 Day 22: Spiritual Spiral

The enlightenment of darkness.

🤩 Day 23: Comparison Collapse

The greatest poison to your spirit.

💋 Day 24: Sexual Dynamics

Touching the taboo hidden from view.

💸 Day 25: Money Time

Chasing cash and the inevitable crash.

🗺️ Day 26: Restless Roadmap

The burnout of boredom

💀 Day 27: Death Lessons

The greatest teacher of them all

🧐 Day 28: Facing Facts

Calling it for what it is.

⛰️ Day 29: Mountainous Mission

Screaming from the mountain top.

🎣 Day 30: Story Hook

Too vivid to look away.

🎬 Afterward: Story Mastery

Refining you masterpeice.

Who is leading this?

A storyteller that has a lot to give and nothing to lose.

Kristian Michail

Founder, Storytella.

Executive producer and founder of PLGRM that's created 75+ short documentaries reaching millions of viewers across all platforms.

Kristian possesses a rare combination of strategic and creative smarts and has proven this time and time again.

🇳🇱 Tenielle Stoltenkamp - Senior Brand Manager - EMEA at Uber Eats

Kristian was a great partner — they brought a great audience first approach and always impressed us.

🇦🇺 Leo Faber - Commissioning Editor, Red Bull Media.

Kristian is one of the most dynamic and relevant content leaders you will meet and is well ahead of his years.

🇦🇺 Radek Sali - CEO, Swisse Vitamins

It's time to be prolific.

Join a global community of unapolgetic creators.

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  • Storytella Journey: Craft your personal story in 30 days and distinguish yourself from then pack.
  • Storytella Method: Learn an impactful approach to telling stories that you can use for the rest of your life.
  • Stack Suite: Weaponise your mind with a set of tools to re-write the stories that run your life.
  • Personal Guidance: Get direct message access to Kristian for feedback on your story, process and strategy.
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee: Your investment is protected if you aren't satisfied with no questions asked.
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